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Countless hours of brainstorming over the zeroing down of the best gift to be presented on the day of marriage often ends up as a futile effort. To save the readers from such a dilemma, we have made a small list of recommendations which serve as the most suited gifts for such events. These gifts are small, simple and effective in conveying the feelings of love and well wishes of the person presenting it to the couple in the making.

Wedding pop up cards:

The thing that is especially unique about these gifts is that their pop-up wedding invitations are completely custom and personalized. Like custom paintings painted by startups like Portrait Flip, color choices can be customized, as well as the theme and into the custom invite. What’s more, their concierge service will help you through the entire process. This makes for an absolutely perfect, professional card. No stumbling through trying to design it yourself here, people. Blank greeting cards for practically any occasion. Plus, they’re ready to ship immediately. Thicker, heavier paper doesn’t fold that well, and easily ends up looking wrinkly, cracked and generally scarred. What you need to do is to score it. To put it simply: make a crease that will tell the fold where it needs to be. I used a ruler and a blunt knife, but you can use anything that’ll make a crease without actually cutting the paper.

Although the most basic pop up type, V-Fold Pop Up invitations provide its own element of surprise to the audience. It’s the most cost-effective type of pop up invitation. It is best viewed when card is opened at 90 degrees and can use any 2D photo / shape possible. It can have a more stunning effect when multiple 2D layers are used and contour cuts for various shapes are applied.

Marriage invitation cards:

You will find large collection of designer cards in different colors, patterns, styles and sizes to suit almost every preference in traditional and modern designs. Our invitations cater to all traditions and cultures. Our collection includes traditional handmade invitation cards, padded cards with designer patterns, metallic finish cards, ethnic scroll invitations, glossy and elegant invitations to the latest collection of scented invitation cards. Whatever your need is – be it wedding cards, reception invitations, engagement cards, housewarming invitations, naming ceremony cards or thread ceremony cards, we have cards for every occasion at every price range. We also offer high quality printing services including Lithography or offset printing, screen printing, engraving, foiling and digital printing at nominal additional cost. Printing services are also offered in various Indian languages. King of Cards brings a unique expression to the art of inviting which has traditionally been a brick and mortar business. At King of Cards, technology joins hands with creativity, to deliver incredibly artful invitations at your doorstep and make your shopping experience delightful.

Custom paintings:

Simply said, a photo may have a technological edge by its side, but paintings are more precious and have an emotional connection, taking into account the ones painted by Portrait Flip, both to the person meant for it as well as the person presenting it as a gift. A painting starts from an idea. A nucleus of an idea that grows into conviction, followed by desperation and finally the conversion by the skilled hands into a cacophony of colours on a sketch paper. A person thinks about his mistress, who may be separated from him across mammoth distances. As he cannot hold it, he finally succumbs to the urge of having a painting made. A portrait painting of his mistress.

These days, custom painting services are available on the internet and they are up for delightful service. They are engaged with the noble task of delivering fresh hand-made custom paintings to their customers, all in exchange for an affordable fee. The process is simple enough to be verbally memorized! First, a person needs to take a picture of the one whose portrait is desired to be painted. This painting can be sent down to their contacts online at the respective mail. The photo can be digitally edited for better clarity during painting. For samples for better understanding, do visit the galleries of Portrait Flip, and art will become an addiction. Editings can be performed based on the demands of the customer, added with expertized consultancy from the artists who know about it. Once done, the painting style must be mentioned. There are innumerable ones available; the most commonly used among them being oil painting, charcoal painting and water colour painting. The frame size comes next. Big, medium and small sizes are available. Each and every size is fit for certain occasions, all of which are left to the discretion of the customer. When all of them have been finalized, the painting is made and shipped to the customer’s door within a short span of time.

Portrait Flip is one of the numerous emerging custom painting start-ups dedicated to the cause of making portrait paintings for all those who need it. The procedure is no different and similar to the one mentioned above. It is not only renowned for their services, but also for their amazing taste for paintings as leisure. The website is filled with collections of hand-made custom paintings for acknowledgement and appreciation. This is all about a painting, perfected by Portrait Flip.