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Five more ways that women can wear a man’s shirt

In our previous article, we showed you five amazing ways to wear a man’s shirt. There are lots more ideas, so read on to get the most out of a shirt and rock a look for all occasions.


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A study has shown that around 64 per cent of women have worn men’s clothes. Many do this due to the feeling they get when wearing outfits designed for men; in fact, there are psychological aspects that affect what we choose to wear.

The fairer sex has always been expected to wear skirts and heels for formal occasions, but many are opting for stylish menswear to make a statement. A night in trousers and flats is a lot more comfortable than in a pair of killer heels!

Women have also found that they are taken more seriously in the office environment and have more authority over employees, which is probably due to the use of a power suit rather than a tasteful dress and heels. If you are looking for Farah shirts, these are available from stockists such as Here are five more ways to rock a man’s shirt.


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City girl

Pair a shirt with a hip-slung belt for an urban look. This is perfect for wearing in London or for that dream trip to New York.

I mean business

Tuck a shirt into your high-waisted skirt and pair with a classy thick black belt. This screams power and is a perfect look for the office.

Day and night

Take a shirt and a bodice and tuck them into black trousers. Pair with a long necklace for an evening look.

Bohemian babe

This is another complicated style, but it looks great if you have the patience. Fold the neckband of the shirt to the inside, which will make a semi-shelf bra, then wrap the sleeves around the back and tie them in the front. Wear this at the beach or on holiday in the evenings.

Classic casual

Wear jeans and a T-shirt, then add a men’s shirt over the top. This is the perfect everyday casual look. You can wear the shirt buttoned, but it also looks good open.

Whether you steal your boyfriend’s shirt or buy your own, enjoy experimenting and find your own style statement.